Archived notice

Dear students,


the Department of Biosciences, in agreement with the CDDs of Biology (BARB,BIOEVO, BIONUTRI, MBC), of Industrial Biotechnologies (MB&B, QB), and of Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics, has organized the presentation of the thesis internships, offered bytheir teaching staff, in what we call “OpenLabs”.


We will offer two OpenLabs sessions per year, one in April-May and one in October-November.
Thesis projects will be offered in each OpenLabs session with an expected start date before the end of the following semester (e.g., theses presented in the April session must start by January 2024; theses presented in the October session must start by July 2024).
Every project supervisor will indicate some dates, between April 17 and May 5, during which he/she will present his/her thesis project(s) online to interested students.
Available projects can be found on the site: In the "Date OpenLabs" field, in addition to the date and time of the session, all necessary information required to connect and follow the online presentations in remote, will be shown.
During this period, students are required only to attend the thesis presentations to understand the nature and timing of the project(s); you are not required to apply online for the position at this point.


From May 8 to 12, after following the presentations of your interest, you may apply for a thesis position using the website You may indicate a preference for a maximum of three thesis projects. ATTENTION: if requested, you will have to upload a single file (pdf) containing information on the undergraduate degree you are frequenting and a list of examsthat have been completed with relative grades, together with your online application.


From May 13 to 29, project supervisors will invite selected students for a meeting and will also communicate to students who have not been selected for an interview. If you have not beenselected, you can withdraw your application and resubmit a new one for another thesis position. For this reason, we recommend that you check the website regularly to see if you have been selected for an interview or not (menu: “Le tue domande di tesi”).


The selection process will end by June 5, the date by which all supervisors must have concluded their selections.



By Wednesday, April 12 - project supervisors will upload their thesis offers onto the website
From April 17 to May 5 – online project presentations of the offered theses.
From May 8 to 12 - students must indicate up to 3 placement preferences onto the website.
From May 13 to 29 – Supervisors will organize interviews with selected students.
By Monday, June 5 – Supervisors conclude selection and communicate their choices to students.


From 6 to 20 June – Supervisors will be able to enter on the platform the offers of external theses, for which they will propose themselves as a supervisor.